Design (UX-UI)

Improve performance with a better understanding of your internal and external users. We adopt pragmatic and agile UX practices that enable you to quickly and effectively conduct user research, design well-adapted interfaces and perform relevant user tests.

  • 20+

    Trainings shared

  • 10+

    Design systems build

  • 300+

    User tests conducted

  • What are your users' challenges?

  • Do users understand your messaging and added value?

  • Is your product functionally optimized?

  • What is the critical path in your user journey?

  • What is the return on investment (ROI) of your UX practice?

  • Strategy & User Research

    The success of your digital products and services depends on understanding your users and challenging your assumptions. Our Lean UX Specialists can help.

    • Support for a user-centered organization

    • Design custom research strategies

      We adapt our methods to your context, using guerilla testing, interviews, focus groups and other contemporary research practices.

    • Understand your users and their experiences, identifying user challenges and business opportunities

    • Develop deliverables that help you align key stakeholders and product team around shared goals

    • Where to start

      Define your search strategy with us in a one-hour meeting

  • Collaborative UI Design

    Agile product design is fundamental to creating innovative and effective tools. We collaborate with you using an agile and iterative methodology to co-construct products through our Live Design workshops.

    • Iterative and Incremental Design Approach
    • Collaborative integration of Technical and Business teams in the Design Process
    • Reduced Time-to-Market with rapid prototyping
    • Creation of High-Fidelity Models and Prototypes
    • Where to start

      We offer the first workshop for free to prove the value of our unique approach.

  • UX Evaluation

    Analyse your qualitative and quantitative data early to measure the performance and efficiency of your solutions and interfaces with your end-users. Track your success measures to effect continuous improvement

    • Ergonomic audits and recommendations
    • Turnkey user tests

      Define testing strategies, laboratories, in-situ, guerilla…etc., according to your context, budget and time constraints.

    • Custom support based on your needs.

      Including, NPS, Attrakdiff, MEC, etc...

    • A/B Testing to challenge hypotheses
    • Where to start

      Define your testing strategy with a one-hour consultation.

Go further with UX ...

  • Digital performance

    Measure the performance of your user experience. Our Data analytics team can help you understand your data and convert it into ROI-oriented actions.

  • UX / UI Training

    Empower your team with our UX and UI trainings.