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Our priority is to empower your team to be more independent and better equipped to meet today’s digital challenges. That’s why, we propose a catalogue of trainings combining theory with practice.

  • 10

    trainings for a human-centred and performance approach

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    trainers- consultants with years of experience

  • 100+

    trained people who benefit from trainings relevant to your company, context and challenges

Empower your team to be more independant

  • Why is User eXperience important to achieving my business goals?

  • What method is adapted to collect user feedback?

  • How to define the relevant KPIs?

  • What should I do to have an SEO Friendly site?

  • How to perform a useful A/B test?

  • UX & UI

    Better understand and design for your users

    • UX Fondamentals

      This training provides a solid base in the science of UX; its tools, approaches and best practices.

      Using practical exercises and examples, this course demonstrates how strong UX is essential in achieving your commercial interests and securing a lasting competitive advantage for your brand.

    • User Research 101

      This training presents the fundamental principles of strong UX research and why it is essential in the development of digital tools and platforms.

    • User Research 201

      This training focuses on the practical application of user research methods.

      Under the supervision of a UX researcher, participants will apply research methods with users directly.

    • UI Design & Industrialisation

      Improve user interaction (UI) design by learning contemporary principles that guarantee quality production, strong project management and design success.

  • Analytics

    Take control of your Digital Performance

    • Cybermetrics 101

      This training provides a solid base in web data analysis.

      Better understand what are web analytics, and how it can help you to measure and optimize your digital performance.

    • Cybermetrics 201

      This course provides a solid introduction to key analytics tools.

      Provided in a workshop format, participants learn how to access key information and adapt tools to their needs and contexts.

    • Building an effective measurement plan

      This introduction to measurement plans and its accompanying workshop, teaches you to formulate objectives, priorities and desired results (OKRs, KPIs). 

      It will validate your digital priorities in terms of user and business value.

    • A-B Tests and multi-variables

      This introduction to A-B tests and multivariables explains how they work, and when to use them to obtain different types of information.

  • SEO

    Take control of your Digital Performance

    • SEO 101

      Natural referencing and search engine optimization (SEO) increase site visibilty on search engines.

      This introduction to SEO, demystifies how search engines work, highlighting the challenges and impacts of SEO on your internet activity.

    • SEO for E-commerce

      Sustainably improve search engine visibility of your e-commerce site.

      Using concrete cases and examples, this training will cover all aspects that can impact the SEO performance of your e-commerce site.

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About our complementary expertises...

  • Design (UX-UI)

    Improve performance with a better understanding of your internal and external users.

  • Digital Performance

    Measure the performance of your user experience. Our Data analytics team can help you understand your data and convert it into ROI-oriented actions.