Technical Expertise

User experience when browsing your applications is critical. We inspire connected users to take full advantage of powerful and accessible interfaces, as we integrate suitably adapted applications to your architecture and resources.

Supporting your transformation

  • How to improve your team’s velocity?

  • How to organize development teams?

  • How to integrate sustainable and reusable web applications?

  • How to quickly and efficiently assimilate user needs?

  • Custom-Made Development

    We develop your applications and grow your teams. The world of development is constantly evolving. We ensure that you don’t miss out, by helping you make choices and prioritize your issues, without technological bias.

    • Design system

      We integrate reusable components by separating the presentation layer and the application logic.

    • Headless

      No more limitations on backend templating. Regain control of your heavy applications in an on-going way.

    • E-commerce

      Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce... We accompany you in the development of your E-shops.

    • Cloud

      Storage, IAM, Gateway, Lambda... We work with your IS to Forme.

    • Serverless

      It’s now possible to develop, deploy and secure applications without a server! Learn how to maximize this option in your context.

    • Third Party Services

      Specialized services, including CMS, Chat, Secure Payment, Electronic Signature, Identity Verification, Flight Information...etc., can be a significant point of differentiation for your applications. Gradually migrate to the cloud to take advantage of these benefits.

  • Delivery and DevOps

    Our developers set up or advise you on the implementation of tools and best practices that ensure the quality and durability of your platforms, applications and tools.

    • Test Driven Development

      Based on real-world experience, we recommend writing tests to cover expected functionality before diving into development.

    • Testing

      We know that a code must be well tested to avoid regressions.

    • Peer programming

      As a vector of productivity and skill development, working in pairs on the same job (physical or virtual), often leads to better results.

    • Continuous Integration & Delivery

      When developing an application, it is important to carefully control modifications made so as to avoid regressions.

    • Performance

      PWA, SPA, SSR, SSG... There are as many acronyms as there are high-performance solutions. Our team has a broad understanding of the subject. Let's talk about it!

  • Advice and Organization

    Respond quickly to your business and organizational issues by relying on our experts. We offer tailor-made support, according to your deadlines, budget and needs.

    • Specialist

      A technical expert will be part of your team throughout the project.

    • Squad

      We offer you a dedicated team of several complementary areas of expertise.

    • Outsourced CTO

      A knowledgeable and effective CTO is critical in the success of your digital project. We will take responsibility for this role, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Interested ?

Our team is here to answer your questions. Let's talk about it !

About our complementary expertise...

  • Digital performance

    Measure the performance of your user experience. Our Data analytics team can help you understand your data and convert it into ROI-oriented actions.

  • User experience

    Improve performance and obtain results with a better understanding of your internal and external users.